European Commission Public Consultation: Regional Aid 2014 - 2020

11 March 2013

The European Commission has recently consulted on Draft Guidelines setting out the legal framework through which public authorities in EU Member States can give investment assistance to firms. The guidelines indicate how much aid is permissible and the geographic areas where aid is permitted. Investment assistance to large firms is only available in these areas.

ANEC's response underlines support for the strategic points highlighted in both the North East LEP and Tees Valley LEP responses. It underlines the need:

  • for clear and well targeted Regional Aid Guidelines, which have previously been utilised in the North East to secure significant investment that has created jobs and strengthened the economy; and
  • to achieve a good balance of SMEs and large corporate companies to help diversify and improve the stability of our economies. The ability for large companies to continue to apply for and access Regional Aid will play a critical role in our efforts to help attract them to the North East of England.  

In terms of the proposals to change the formula for allocating 3 (c) coverage areas which would reduce the coverage of the UK Assisted Map, we have expressed significant concerns. Whilst the full impact of the changes to the formula will not be clear until the Assisted Area maps start to emerge, we have highlighted such concerns if the proposed changes adversely affected our areas.

Read the full ANEC response to the European Commission

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