DCLG New Homes Bonus and Local Growth Fund technical consultation

19 September 2013

This technical consultation set out options for how a pooling mechanism might work in order to contribute towards the Local Growth Fund for the Local Enterprise Partnerships.  It set out how pooling could be enforced, what accountability arrangements should apply, and sought views on specific points of detail.

The Association’s response is consistent with previously expressed concerns regarding the New Homes Bonus scheme based on its impact on core funding and unfair distributional effects.  The response calls for a limit to the New Homes Bonus, given the impact on social care and other key services its impact needs to be scaled back. A freeze on the New Homes Bonus topslice at current 2013/14 levels is also called for along with a reduction in the £400m topslice for the LEP and to recognise that commitments should not just be contractual but should also include commitments to offset revenue cuts.

View the full ANEC response here.