Technical reforms of council tax

23 December 2011

The Department for Communities and Local Government consultation sought views on options in relation to the Council Tax liabilities of second home owners and the owners of empty properties. It also covered potential reforms of several details of the Council Tax system, including modernising arrangements for payment of Council Tax by instalments, for delivering the information to be supplied with demand notices, and for the treatment of annexes to dwellings.

ANEC welcomed the proposed flexibility in discounts to reflect local circumstances. The response also highlighted the following issues related to the proposed reforms:

  • work was ongoing on arranging an event, aimed principally at planning portfolio holders, on a broad range of planning issues including the Infrastructure Planning Commission and neighbourhood planning as well as the NPPF;
  • the potential for an increased burden of bureaucracy on councils;
  • the need for reassurance from the Government to ensure that councils would retain increased Council Tax yield in the long term;
  • the current economic climate and its potential to limit the ability of councils to collect the potential additional income generated; and
  • the additional costs incurred by councils in the implementation of proposed changes during an already challenging period.

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