Department for Transport: Revising the Strategic National Transport Corridors

01 December 2010

ANEC responded to the Department for Transport consultation to agree with the proposals to upgrade the A1 North of Newcastle and to highlight other key transport routes in the North East for which there is a strong case for inclusion in the Strategic National Corridors. This included routes around the A19 as highlighted through DaSTS work.

The response emphasised the North East's unique place in the economic geography of the UK, linking the two nations of England and Scotland - demonstrating the importance of strategic transport links northwards, in order to improve connectivity and to promote economic growth, trade and tourism opportunities.

ANEC also stated that the reclassification of the A1 north of Newcastle, which features as a priority in its Manifesto for local government ‘The North East Commitment' (June 2010), would result in greater opportunities for the A1 to benefit from future investment decisions, funding and infrastructure improvements.

It is within this context that the ANEC welcomed the announcement by the Government that the A1 north of Newcastle to the Scottish Border has been designated a route of strategic national importance.

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